About Us

Air New Zealand group has one of the most diverse fleet of aircraft in the world today, ranging from the 19-seat Beech 1900D through to the 379-seat Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet.

So where does the Regional Airlines fit into the bigger picture?

  • Wholly-owned subsidiaries of Air NZ, make up the Air New Zealand Link network with 50 routes and over 138,300 flights per annum
  • Operating 79% of Air NZ’s domestic flights and providing New Zealanders and tourists alike with a safe and efficient turbo-prop service to and between the New Zealand regions.

Eagle Air is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air New Zealand and operates 18 Beech 1900D airliners on the Air New Zealand domestic route network. For more information on the Air New Zealand Group, visit them on their website.

Eagle Air is a provincial carrier specialising in operating low capacity aircraft on low traffic, low density routes.

It is a requirement that the Company maintain a low cost structure to remain viable as its earnings can never emulate that of a major carrier.

As the Air New Zealand Groups 19 seat operator we seek to continue to grow the domestic network through the establishment of new greenfield routes and the expansion of existing routes through additional frequency.